Building a new day care centre in Sigulda

External circumstances or misunderstanding of our work contribution have made us decide to look for our own premises, and we have found them.
In order to create a safe and pleasant environment, the service areas require cosmetic repairs. Repair works have started and we can do a lot ourselves, but your help is also very necessary - by donating materials or providing financial support.

Every support is important. We invite you to become a supporter of the renovation of the premises and donate the necessary funds for the materials.

At this time, we will be grateful if you can support one of these premises

Weaving workshop - 39.9 sq.m. We cut textiles donated by the public into strips and roll them into thread-lumps. These threads are used as raw material for making fabric carpets on wooden looms.
Montessori / speech therapist's office - 21.9 sq.m. Using various Montessori accessories, motor skills - speech and thinking are trained. This work is cruicial for children with functional disabilities. Lessons are held individually for both adults and children. Ceramics workshop - 21.5 sq.m. In the ceramic workshop wonderful dishes are created. Plates, bowls, mugs, vases and much more  are made in the workshop. All hand made, baked, glazed, gold plated to a perfect condition and quality for our customers. 
Candle / soap workshop - 25.6 sq.m. Most of our members - adults - work in this workshop. Candles are made by breaking paraffin plates of different colors. The broken pieces are filled in molds and filled with hot paraffin.
Occupational therapist / needlework office - 11.2 sq.m. An occupational therapist works with the participants once a week. During the rest of the time, the cabinet will be used for different educational and developing handcrafts - silk painting, felting, beading, and other creative works.
Art therapy cabinet - 11.3 sq.m.
Children's activity room - 40.9 sq.m. The children are taken care of in this room daily. The teachers organize the time spent together on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Physiotherapy room - 26.1 sq.m. Every working day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both individual and group therapy is provided.

Our offer to supporters

In every room that has been supported by a company, we will place an advertising board with the name and logo of the supporter, or a record of your choice. We offer to create a communication plan together as a thank you for your company's support on our social networks, web pages.

Contact for more information about this charity fundraiser project: 
0037126397999 or send a message