Fundraising project "THE HOME OF HOPE"

The Association “The Wings of Hope” has the opportunity to gain ownership of the property we have been renting for years named “Kārkli” or "Home of Hope", which accommodates 14 grown ups with mental disorders. For six years this has been the only home for those people. The fundraiser “THE HOME OF HOPE!” aims to raise money in order to  purchase this property and continue to provide this much needed housing.

Get to know the residents and their home here. Your support is needed for them and other future residents to be able to call this their home for the rest of their lives. Home is where the heart is. Your contribution, your thoughts, actions and most of all your donations are needed! For some of our residents, this is their only family home.

Over the last ten years a community of volunteers has invested a great deal of work into this property. Their efforts have resulted in “Cerību Māja” being an exemplary environment for disabled residents. Not only is this a safe home, but it also provides activities for its residents: a small farm has been established, the grounds now have a well kept garden where they can learn to grow their own vegetables and fruit.

The owner of the property has given us an opportunity to purchase the property and continue with our much needed work in the community. “The Wings of Hope” is reaching out to everyone of you and asking for your help to raise the necessary funds.