The association “The Wings of Hope” is a non-governmental organization which focuses on people with disabilities and mental health issues. It also supports the integration of their family members into the local community and safeguards their rights and interests and promotes employment and social inclusion. 

The objectives of the Association “The Wings of Hope”:

- to provide support for families with disabled children, adolescents and adults;
- to defend the rights and interests of families with disabled children, adolescents and adults;
- to promote the integration of disabled children, adolescents and adults into the society at large;
- to advocate for inclusive employment policies for adolescents with disabilities. 

The day-to-day activities of the Association shall focus on:

- the integration of adolescents and adults with disabilities and their family members into the society at large;
- the protection of the rights and interests of people with disabilities;
- improving the welfare of deprived and socially vulnerable groups;
- promoting social inclusion;
- development of a cohesive society;
- promoting employment for socially vulnerable groups;
- organization of educational activities;
- the provision of social services;
- the implementation of socially beneficial community projects;
- development of voluntary work. 

The Association “The Wings of Hope” operates four group houses: “Cerību māja” in Sigulda, “Spāre” in the Amata municipality of Cesis, “Cēsis” in city of Cesis and “Mālpils” in the county Malpils. Group houses provide a home for people with mental disabilities. Although everyday life may cause some challenges, they do not need institutionalized long term social care or rehabilitation. Group housing provides the necessary support and helps it’s residents develop various skills. Find out more about “The Wings of Hope” on their official website. (

“We can each find ourselves in a situation where we may have to ask others for help, open our hearts to our thoughts about fellow human beings and share our joy as much as anyone can!”
- Eva Viļķina (chairwomen of the association “Cerību spārni”  and manager to social market “VISI VAR”)

Eva Viļķina
Chairwoman of the board of the association "The Wings of Hope"