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Social enterprise "VISI VAR"

A place to buy handmade works by the members of the association " The Wings of Hope " and thus support people with disabilities! 


The aim of the activity is to promote the employment of people with disabilities, their relatives and socially vulnerable groups. 

The specialised workshops produce products that can be made with the participation of people with disabilities. This gives them the opportunity to spend their time in a meaningful way and to develop their skills.

Profits from the income are invested in charitable projects and social support, the creation of new jobs and the purchase of necessary equipment. 

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Let's get acquainted! Some of the participants working in our specialised workshops: 

 Mihails expresses his emotions, wishes and needs with sounds and gestures. He takes part in a daily candle-making workshop with other young people, breaking pieces of wax and filling them into moulds. The work is very complex and time-consuming for the boy, as it requires concentration and fine motor skills, which are very challenging for him.


 Kaspars relaxes while working, and is always ready to help with gardening, or to screw something up and fix it. Kaspars tried working with clay for the first time in the specialised ceramics workshop, he also likes and manages to work with wood and he can help out in the porcelain jewellery workshop. Kaspars says to every customer, "Thank you for seeing the value in one of our products!


 Varis has been visiting the association " The Wings of Hope " every weekday since he was a child. He likes to work alone and he loves listening to music. He enjoys listening to the music of the singer Antra Stafecka. He always has a planchette in his bag, where he likes to show travel pictures with his family. Varis is a diligent candle breaker. He enjoys working in the candle workshop and cutting squares of denim. These are then used to make bedspreads, denim bags, teddy bears and other things in the sewing workshop.

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