The paintings have reached their owners!


Thanks to everyone who responded to the Charity Auction, the paintings have gone to their new owners!
Huge thanks to Lillija Bukša and Ginta Goldmane for participating in the Charity Auction!

Thank you for your support! We thank the artist Māris Pladars for the donated paintings, which please everyone's eyes.

The joint funds of 470.00 euros collected at the auction are a step closer so that young people with mental disorders can keep their homes, which for many of them is the only place to live.

The fundraising project is still ongoing, please open your hearts and: 
donate via phone number: 90006661 (one call 4.27 EUR);
donate through this webpage;
donate to account:
Association "Cerību spārni"
Reg. No. 40008078885
Purpose of payment - donation to the campaign "Mājām Būt!"

We appreciate any help! You have a good heart!

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